Workplace Investigation services

On Track Investigations can provide quality and timely investigations for your business. On Track Investigations are delivered based on a pre agreed scope and purpose, within agreed timeframes, to an agreed price. On Track Investigations produces quality work including investigation reports that are tailored to our clients specific requirements. We partner with you to complete part, or all of an investigation, either independently or in conjunction with your internal team.

Safe working breach investigations

With our first hand experience in rail safe working, as well as experience investigating safety breaches and safe working code of conduct matters, we are the first choice in safe working investigations. On Track Investigations provides a prompt, responsive and expert service to assist you in managing safety and safe working breaches. We can also provide you with safe working consultancy and expertise should you wish to conduct the investigation internally.

Workplace Mediation and Dispute Resolution

On Track Investigations offers your organisation quality, confidential and effective workplace mediation services. Our mediators are skilled and experienced in dispute resolution, as well as qualified and nationally accredited. Mediation is extremely effective in resolving workplace issues and preserving relationships. With our expertise in identifying misconduct, we can also guide you in your decision making process about whether to mediate or investigate.

Training Services

On Track Investigations offers high quality training services to our clients. Our skilled and qualified specialist trainers have extensive experience in the modules they teach and can provide your staff with the benefit of their wisdom. We offer workshops, coaching, and courses in:

Complaints Resolution

Difficult Conversations

Expectation Management

Workplace Investigations

Dispute resolution

Complaints Management

On Track Investigations can also provide your business with complaints management consultancy services. With a long history of experience in complaints management, investigation and resolution, we can provide your business with the systems and processes you need to effectively manage complaints, as well as up skill your staff to ensure you are getting the most out of the feedback your customers provide.