Disability Sector Services

On Track Investigations is Australia’s leading disability sector services provider in investigations and complaints. We offer our satisfied clients a range of styles and types of investigations, including no blame critical incident investigations, broad fact-finding investigations, and HR style disciplinary investigations. We are well versed in the regulatory and sector frameworks, with internal expertise across a wide range of investigative styles and matters.

We have a strong commitment to supporting the sector and offer ‘done for you’ investigation services; providing services alongside your internal teams; as well as through training and coaching.

We work in with your policy frameworks to deliver reports that are not only best practice, but useful for your organisation; providing clear findings and recommendations that make sense and add value. We have a clear investigations methodology, however we are also happy to follow your internal processes including use of templates for reports and other investigative products.

Whether you require an entirely objective external investigation completed; are looking for a review of your internal investigations or complaints policy and procedure ecosystem; or need support in improving and enhancing your organisation’s internal confidence and capacity through training and coaching, get in touch with us for support.

What our disability sector investigation clients say:

The report is amazing. I don’t know how you pulled that together from the brief we gave you. We didn’t really know what we were looking at, but you’ve managed to make sense of it all, and we didn’t give you all that much time.”

This is why we come to you. You’re the best.”

We needed someone who could do a critical incident and an HR investigation at the same time. You’re the only place with the right skill mix.”

What our disability sector training and coaching clients say:

“Superior knowledge, presented impeccably and a very thorough understanding. Great engagement.”

All round fantastic two days. It was lovely to have the training delivered using our industry language and having a presenter that understood the industry.”

Where do I start? It was well pitched to the experience of the group. Kristie read the group well and supported the learning with humour, excellent examples and easily absorbed information.