Complaints Management

Complaints are an invaluable source of intelligence to a business in terms of customer wants and needs. Complaints, managed well, assist in identifying under-performing processes, or areas that are experiencing difficulty providing the right level of customer service. Managed poorly, they can affect your organisational reputation, land you in the hands of your industry regulator, and make life generally miserable.

On Track Investigations have significant complaints management and leadership experience across a wide array of agencies and sectors. We can assist you in setting up a robust complaints process, draft great template letters, develop internal workflow processes, and manage the human factors in the complaints process. We can train your staff, coach your staff,  write your policies and procedures, or even assist you with writing great decision correspondence. We can review your existing processes and provide feedback on where you might be deviating from best practice, or develop your entire process from scratch.

We empower your organisational leaders and front line staff to provide proactive, engaging service to customers who wish to provide feedback. Just like you never get a second chance to make a good impression, you never get a second chance to manage a complaint well, so get in touch with us to discuss your individual requirements.