Writing great reports

Report writing! On Track Investigations are famous for our quality reports. Why? Because we put extensive effort, resources and care into them. So what constitutes a quality report? These are just a few of our considerations when we write our reports: Clarity. Use a clear and unambiguous format. Our reports lay out everything you would expect to find in an investigation report including a concise executive summary, the methodology used, issues or allegations under consideration, evidence considered, analysis of that evidence, and a clear finding. Balance between brevity and detail. Include exactly what needs to be included, no more, no less. Investigation reports tend to run long, and you don’t want to tax the reader any longer than required. Nothing should be missing, but nothing should be superfluous either. Language. Use clear and professional language. Where technical terms and jargon must be included, explain them. Proof read. So many people don’t read what they have written before submitting it for review. Read it. Check if for issues with evidence, layout, order, facts, and logic. I used to work for a wonderful woman who always asked me “Have you checked this for 100% accuracy?” Aim for 100% accuracy!